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You are in the right place if:

  • This is a time of important change in your life.
  • You want to make the most of this opportunity.
  • You are ready (and willing) to make a significant commitment to your own life.
  • Give yourself a moment to pause and reread those. Make sure they are really true for you.

    If you have come to this site I assume it's because you are at some kind of crossroads. Either you decided the time is right for a change or the Universe whomped a change on you. In either case you are at a potential turning point.

    [To see the background and experience I bring to a working relationship of this kind, check out the background page.]

    What you can expect:

  • An in-depth process
  • To be challenged and supported
  • I will match your commitment with my own
  • Expect a lot. Demand it in fact, so that you get the most from every breathing moment. Ask more of me so that we can co-create the most powerful relationship possible for this time we work together.

    Style and form:

  • An adventure. A journey into the wilderness. A time to question everything for the sake of finding the true answers
  • Boldness and a streak of divine irreverence (we take your journey seriously; we sometimes make light of the quirks and ironies along the way)

  • Outcome:

  • Clarity of vision. What is your vision of your inspired life? What it will it take to make that happen?
  • Goals achieved and practices integrated into your life, based on your vision.
  • Learning. What you learn is as important as what you accomplish. There will be tons of learning about what moves you forward and what holds you back. What you learn in this process will make all future transitions more effective.

  • My promise:

    I have a gift for working with people to empower them. That's the feedback I've been given and the gift that I have committed my life to over the years. It is my soul's work. As I look over what I have created in my own life I see there is a theme. I am an expert navigator and guide. I know my way in the wilderness.

    What I most want for you, and for every person on the planet, is to live your full, rich, robust, life. A life that is abundant with all that nourishes you. A life that is adventurous, sensuous, spirit-filled and heart-felt. I want you to live the life that inspires you and inspires the people around you.

    If what you want is an extraordinary working relationship with a coach to help you find your way on that journey, read on.

    Individual Coaching
    A 7-month Intensive

    Buckle up.
    We're going in.


  • An initial in-depth discovery process over a 4-6 week period (more)

  • A one on one retreat in California for two days (more)

  • You create a vision statement of promises you make to yourself and an action plan (more)

  • 6 months of coaching to empower you and bring your vision to life (more)

  • An intense committed process for both of us.
    It is engaging, exhilarating. It challenges and pushes us both to bring everything we can to the work. It is definitely out of the box (more)

  • What you learn in this process will have an impact on every future life transition and on the way you choose

  • More Detailed Description

    An initial in-depth discovery process over a 4-6 week period
    You've heard the phrase, "if you keep doing what you've done you'll keep getting what you got." Too often people try to create new direction in their lives on top of old beliefs and strategies. This in-depth discovery/uncovery process is designed to ensure that you are clear and conscious about what you truly want and what you will commit to.

    The structure
  • A series of exploratory exercises you work on independently
  • 2 or more sessions with me of 1 1/2 hours.

  • This initial work is designed to give you the strongest possible foundation on which to build. Our goal at this stage is finding the fire in you and stoking it.

    A one on one retreat in California for two days
    This is a big step for some people: the commitment to travel to California to meet with me for 2 days. It is definitely a line to cross, by intention. In a way your willingness to travel is a measure of your commitment to your life. The decision is not one you will make lightly. It raises the question, "how far will you go to live the life you love?

    By the way, clients who have done this in-person work describe it as having extraordinary impact. (That's understated. If you want to know what they actually say, send me a note.) Clients have traveled to California from Europe, Asia and all across North America.

    In terms of logistics I have a format I propose - it works - and I am willing to design this together.

  • We meet in the San Francisco Bay Area or at another location that we mutually agree on.

  • We spend most of our time outside with the natural world as the background. This becomes the environment in which we talk about what is real. The setting itself reminds me that if I could only be as real as the stones are real I would finally be free. If I could be as relentless as the waves I could accomplish anything. The natural world teaches just by being.

  • You have options for camping or motels or a local B&B. We will design an experience that works for you.

  • We make this 2 days (or so) a turning point for you. We work on your vision and the obstacles that get in the way. We create a ritual to mark the passage.

  • You create a vision statement of promises you make to yourself and an action plan
    Here is one way of thinking about the period of time we work together: think of it as a graduate school independent study program and you are the subject. At the end of this 4-6 week discovery/uncovery process you write a contract to yourself and share it with me. This contract is part manifesto, part action plan, part covenant with your soul's deepest longing.

    You decide what you want your life to be like and especially, what you want to create over the next 6 months in terms of goals and practices. This contract becomes the focus of our coaching.

    6 months of coaching to empower you and bring your vision to life
    The six month time limit is by design. Six months is long enough to make significant progress on goals and practices and short enough to create a sense of urgency, to put fire under the question, "what are you waiting for?"

    In most cases the coaching will consist of two coaching calls each month for the six months. We always have the option to design a different arrangement that works better for us.

    By the way there is no option for continuing past the 6 months. When the end comes it's over, just like life.

    An intense committed process for both of us
    I want to assure you that, in spite of all I've said about challenge and intensity, humor will be present too. When I say I want to bring all of me that means bringing my humor as well. It sheds lightness on the work and makes it both safer and more encouraging to press on into the dark when into the dark is where we need to go.

    Be prepared to make this a priority in your life. I'm making it a priority in mine. I will be holding this journey with you during this period in more ways than phone calls and correspondence or even the time we share in person.


    Clients pay 7 installments of $500; this covers everything: the discovery work, the 2-day retreat and 6 months of coaching.

    A Few Final Words

    If, as I imagine, you are standing at a crossroads in your life I really only have one question for you (and a hundred later, if you stick around). What is your version of an inspired life and what will it take to live it, every day?

    I ask it from a place of my own deep longing. Years ago I wrote as my life purpose: to live life fully and help others do the same. That's what I want for you and every person on the planet. This might be the only conversation you and I ever have. I want you to leave here more inspired to live the life you were born to live: a broad band, full spectrum, piquant, box busting life of rich relationship and meaningful work and whatever else your heart desires. Where you get to use all of your abundant talent, skills, experience, creativity, and gifts and at the last day rest in the real peace of being well used in this life.

    In short, my wish for you in the words of Jonathan Swift: "May you live all the days of your life."

    E-mail: Phillip@TeamCoachingInternational.com

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