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A team is a living entity, not merely a collection of individual contributors .Teams are more or less alive and everyone on the team can feel it. The spirit of the team has enormous impact on the performance of the team. What is true about inspired individuals is also true for inspired teams. They have a sense of purpose or mission. They have a common goal and a commitment to it. They are pulled to perform not driven by fear. They have a supportive environment that nourishes and sustains them. They have a will to succeed. This is an inspired team.

More and more, organizations are turning their attention to the team as the leverage point for achieving results. In an old paradigm, this would mean squeezing more from less or pushing harder for results. We believe there is a new paradigm that emphasizes the strengths of the living system that is the team.

The model on which we base our work is built on two measures: team productivity and team positivity. In the organizational world teams exist to produce results. That’s just a fact. Teams are measured on their productivity. As a living system we also know that the best performing teams over time have also created the conditions for positive engagement and interaction. This positive environment is life sustaining for the team. High performing teams have learned to maximize both productivity and positivity. There is achievement and there is spirit, camaraderie, trust, and respect for diverse individual contributions, and the agreements in place to support those qualities.

Team Coaching International is a company dedicated to supporting teams and training coach/facilitators to work with teams in new ways. TCI provides a comprehensive program of team development tools, beginning with an innovative assessment inventory that benchmarks the team on seven strength factors for productivity and seven for positivity. The result is a portrait of the team as it exists today and a map for on-going team development.

Coaching Programs for Teams

Team Coaching International works with teams from the “C” suite and executive management level throughout an organization. We work with intact, functional teams; project teams; cross-functional teams; and virtual teams. A typical engagement includes the Team Diagnostic assessment and a two to three day off-site initial meeting with the team to report the results and begin team coaching. This is followed by on-going team coaching sessions designed to meet the specific needs of the client team and keep the team on track to fulfill its goals and commitments. A second team assessment is scheduled to establish progress, often at six months to one year. To learn more, contact us at info@teamcoachinginternational.com or click here to link to the TCI web site: www.teamdiagnostic.com

Training Programs for Coach/Facilitators

The Team Coaching Intensive is a three-day course designed to train experienced coaches, consultants and HR professionals in the model and systems approach to working with teams. It is a practical, hands-on training program that equips participants to deliver the Team Diagnostic assessment results and gives participants experience in a variety of team interventions. To see a course calendar, link to the TCI web site: www.teamcoachinginternational.com

“This is an absolutely essential course for anyone who works with teams. For coaches, in particular, it’s the model and the assessment tool to leverage your coaching skills so you can work successfully with teams.”
Linda Hearne – International Coach and Consultant

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E-mail: Phillip@TeamCoachingInternational.com

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